At the break of dawn, with the world slowly stirring to life, the women of QubeApps start their day with a sparkle in their eyes and determination in their steps. March 8th, 2024 marked a dual celebration for us: while we celebrated QubeApps’ 12th anniversary, we also embraced International Women’s Day with open arms. Our celebration aimed to acknowledge the incredible women whose presence enriches our company. Their stories inspired us about the beautiful balance between professional aspirations and the warmth of family life.

Within the halls of QubeApps, 32% of our workforce is composed of wonder women, each shining brighter than the stars in our company. Their diverse roles across departments, from leadership roles to operational functions, highlight resilience, determination, and excellence in the various aspects of their life, be it in their professional or personal lives.

Celebrating Our Shining Stars 

Nemnis Yap, our Director of Business Development, is the brain behind our success. To the world, she’s the friendly face that connects QubeApps with our vital partners and clients. Inside the company, she’s like the captain of a ship, guiding us through the ups and downs of business strategies with a calm and confident hand. Along the way, Nemnis makes sure we’re all part of the journey, sailing towards success together.


Paulynn Soo, our Director of Marketing, is truly one of a kind. From the moment she joined us, she’s been the embodiment of determination and dreams. Starting a whole new department from the ground up was challenging, but she made it look like a walk in the park with her uplifting spirit. What really captures our admiration is how she didn’t stop there. While shaping our brand and leading her team, she dove back into the world of studies to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA)—mind you, her second master’s degree. She pushes her limits and enriches her knowledge so she could be an even better guide for her team. Watching her, we’re all reminded that there’s always room to grow, learn, and lead by example.


Eunice Chong has been with us for quite a while, and what a journey it’s been! She first walked through our doors in 2018 as a System Analyst. Over the years, Eunice has become a true force of innovation within our company, pouring her heart and soul into developing software solutions that have truly set us apart. Today, she stands as a central figure in our R&D Department, now shining in her role as a System Development Senior Manager. She’s a pillar of our success, guiding us forward with her expertise and passion.

yew may and samantha-e

Samantha Lim and May Leong lead our Human Resources and Procurement with hearts as strong as their leadership. Their dedication goes beyond the day-to-day; they stand firmly for equal chances and honest pay, making sure everyone feels included and valued. It’s their belief in the power of recognition and the strength of unity that touches us all, reminding us that at the core of our success are the people and the values we hold dear.

Besides, we must shine a special light on the working mothers among our Wonder Women. Their journey at QubeApps is a beautiful testament to strength and love. Day in and day out, they master the commitment of nurturing their families while climbing the career ladder. Their dedication is nothing short of inspiring, showing us all what it means to balance professional aspirations with the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Empowering Our Future: Together We Shine

As we share these stories, we envision a future illuminated by the achievements and dreams of every woman at QubeApps. We are more than a team—we’re a family committed to supporting each other’s dreams, celebrating every milestone, and forging ahead with unwavering hope and unity. As we move forward, let these stories of our Wonder Women inspire every one of us to build a more inclusive, equitable, and loving world, proving that together, there’s nothing we cannot achieve.

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