Our 2023 at QubeApps: A Year of Vibrant Growth and Unforgettable Moments

As we welcome 2024 with open arms, let’s pause and look back at the incredible journey we had in 2023 at QubeApps. It was a year not just defined by our achievements but also by the spirit of unity, innovation, and the unforgettable moments we shared. To relive these moments in all their vibrancy, don’t forget to check out our 2023 Journey video on social media — it’s a visual celebration of our shared experiences.

Our 2023 at QubeApps_ A Year of Vibrant Growth and Unforgettable Moments_Q1 2023

January: A Festive Kick-Off

Our year began with the vibrant celebrations of Chinese New Year at our annual dinner. Amidst the laughter and cheers, the highlight was the thrilling win of the iPhone 14 Plus. And, of course, the artistic flair on display at the calligraphy competition in our R&D center left everyone in awe.

February: On the Career Frontline

February took us to the Malaysia Career and Training Fair in MidValley. Here, we weren’t just participants; we were ambassadors of QubeApps, showcasing our culture and the bright future that awaits those who join us.

March: Adventure and Milestones

In March, we embraced adventure and togetherness at Pulau Perhentian. This excursion, with its memorable adventurous boat rides and shared laughs, exemplified our team’s spirit. We celebrated QubeApps’ 11th anniversary and reflected on our journey and the milestones achieved.

Our 2023 at QubeApps_ A Year of Vibrant Growth and Unforgettable Moments_Q2 2023

April: A Tapestry of Cultures

April was all about the vibrant Raya festivities. Our office turned into a canvas of colors, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry that makes up QubeApps. It was a beautiful reminder of how we embrace diversity and learn from each other.

May: Illuminating New Paths

May was a significant month for us. Not only did our company signage light up the iMazium building, symbolizing our expanding presence, but we also participated in the ICBS exhibition to showcase our innovative restaurant POS solutions. And let’s not forget our insights from COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023, where we glimpsed the exciting future of technology.

June: Recognition and Pride

June was a time for accolades as we received the Fast Enterprise Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards. This was not just an award but a recognition of our collective hard work and the innovative spirit that drives us.

Our 2023 at QubeApps_ A Year of Vibrant Growth and Unforgettable Moments_Q3 2023

July: Bonding Beyond Work

The team’s outings – the adventurous Skytrex Sungai Congkak and the relaxing Club Med Cherating, Kuantan – were about much more than just fun. They were opportunities to strengthen our bonds and build a supportive and cohesive team culture.

August: Broadening Our Horizons

Our journey expanded in August as we clinched the #1 ASEAN Award and No.1 The Asean Winner Awards. It was a leap into new markets, new challenges, and new opportunities, especially in Indonesia.

September: Innovation on Display

The Smart Nation Expo 2023 was our stage to shine, showcasing our innovative retail POS system. It wasn’t just a product display; it was a display of our commitment to shaping the future.

Our 2023 at QubeApps_ A Year of Vibrant Growth and Unforgettable Moments_Q4 2023

October: Capturing Our Essence

October’s corporate photoshoot and our visit to GITEX Global in Dubai were about showcasing who we are – a team with diverse talents and a global vision.

November: Enlightening and Giving Back

Our webinar on warehouse and retail efficiency provided valuable industry insights. And through QubeCares, we reached out to the community, bringing hope and support where needed.

December: Reflecting and Celebrating

As we wrapped up the year with our town hall and Christmas Sparkle 2023, it was a time to reflect on our achievements and set our sights on new goals.

Be Part of Our Continuing Story

As we share these key moments, we invite you to get a closer look at the heart of QubeApps. Let’s step into 2024 with new dreams, goals, and stories to create. Together, we’ll make it another year to remember.

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