In the modern workplace, the right technology can make all the difference. That’s why at QubeApps, we’re excited to introduce you to the Horion M6APro Interactive Flat Panel. You will be surprised that it is more than just any meeting room tool. Instead, it is specifically designed to revolutionize communication and collaboration in a meeting.


Crystal-Clear Video and Audio That Feels Like Everyone’s in the Room

Boasting a 48MP Ultra HD Camera, it brings every detail into stunning clarity. With a 102° ultra-wide angle, this camera captures the entire room, no matter its size, ensuring every participant is visible during virtual meetings.

The innovation continues beyond visuals. The M6APro’s advanced 8-array microphone system can clearly capture sound from up to 12 meters away, while its AI-driven sound source localization focuses on the active speaker, removing unwanted background noise. This ensures that every voice is heard as if every participant were speaking from the same room.


Hassle-Free Compatibility and Interactive Touch Features

We know that starting a meeting shouldn’t require a tech degree. The M6APro works seamlessly with top video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, so meetings kick off with just a single click—no fuss, no muss. With its high-precision touch interface, the panel lets you jot down ideas, share files, and interact with content directly on the screen. Want to highlight a key point? Grab the smart pen and circle it for all to see.


Powerful Performance Wrapped in Elegance

Underneath its sleek design, the M6APro is a powerhouse. It’s equipped with an 8-core processor and ample memory so that it can handle everything from high-res videos to complex applications effortlessly. And with the option to switch between Android and Windows, it adapts to whatever tech your team uses. Plus, its stylish aluminum frame is built to blend seamlessly into any professional environment while looking good at the same time.


A Feast for the Senses

The panel doesn’t just perform—it dazzles. With 4K Ultra HD resolution, over 1.07 billion colors, and automatic brightness adjustment, it delivers visual perfection. The integrated stereo sound system, complete with high-fidelity speakers, ensures that your meetings are not only seen in high definition but heard in crystal clear audio.


Smart Features for Smart Meetings

The M6APro is loaded with smart features designed to make meetings more interactive and productive. With auto-framing technology, the camera adjusts itself based on the number of participants, ensuring everyone is always in view. Wireless mirroring and quad screen sharing transform how content is presented and collaborated, allowing for simultaneous display from multiple devices.


QubeApps: Empowering Your Collaboration

At QubeApps, we understand you are looking for more than just hardware. It’s better that we can provide holistic solutions to propel your businesses forward. Horion M6APro, brought to you by QubeApps, offers quality and innovative features designed to enhance every aspect of your meetings.

Don’t just meet—inspire, engage, and achieve with the M6APro. Are you ready to revolutionize your workspace and empower your team? Contact QubeApps today to see the M6APro in action and explore how our solutions can drive your business forward. Elevate your meeting technology to match the ambition of your enterprise.

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