In this ever-changing world, technology continually advances and becomes increasingly sophisticated.

Qube Apps Solutions stands at the forefront of this technological evolution as one of the fastest-growing companies, catering to over 1000 businesses across the region. Their primary focus is on delivering reliable Point of Sale (POS) solutions and providing top-notch POS hardware to Retail and Food & Beverage (F&B) establishments. QubeApps excels in developing POS system software tailored to the specific needs of all retail and F&B businesses, empowering diverse industries to achieve sustainable and scalable success. With QubeApps, businesses transcend their clients’ expectations, enabling growth that goes beyond mere success stories.

As the year draws to a close, we have the privilege of hearing from Mr. Alex Fong, the esteemed CEO of QubeApps, to gain valuable insights into the company’s vision and achievements.

In the broad digital market, what prompted you to choose this particular field and profession?

I chose this profession because it aligns with my interests and hobbies. I have a genuine passion for coding, and I believe a profession should be something you enjoy doing every day. Moreover, I saw immense opportunities and potential for success in POS software coding, especially in the backend roles which are known to be more financially rewarding.

How did you tackle and sustain the business despite the “undesirable” environment during the pandemic?

Every crisis has some opportunities that come out of it; QubeApps’s success journey continues despite the pandemic because of proper planning strategy. We tackle the situation with good planning and organizational skills. We considered and took all the necessary steps in advance, and really, “Planning is key.”

How crucial is your service to the current Covid-shopping trend?

Our service is vital to the current Covid-shopping trend due to the Application Programming Interface (API) we provide. Our solutions, including API integration, enable us to solve problems faced by business owners. For example, our self-service kiosks allow people to conduct transactions independently, reducing the need for direct interaction and crowds. As automation becomes increasingly important in the post-pandemic world, our POS system offers excellent automation capabilities.

QubeApps was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Award in March 2021

As a company leader, I understand the value of acknowledgment. We won this award from the party QMS through our hard effort. These awards strengthen our company’s credibility and winning a business award gives us a lift for our upcoming endeavor. This award serves as a motivator for us to work more effectively, and it also serves as a springboard for the organization to obtain more honors in the future.

QubeApps’ expansion to Turkey and Spain

Our POS system is compatible with all countries and languages. Before looking into European country expansion, we have also had to embrace growth in the south Asian countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, & Singapore first. Turkey and Spain’s expansion happened because of our existing customers from south Asia. Customers from South Asia had witnessed the service provided by QubeApps and decided to include QubeApps in their expansion to foreign countries.  We assure excellence for the entire business cycle, either from the backend or the Front POS system; QubeApps provide sustainable technology.

In QubeApps, we don’t only help clients to survive but also help them strive towards success. I’m proud and happy that we travel along with our customers’ business till Europe. I see this expansion as a success and opportunity for QubeApps expansion towards Spain and Turkey. It is one of our milestones, and I’m dedicating this success to all the hard workers behind it.

Do you see QubeApps changing digitally to alter the market?

Yes, it is undoubtedly altering the new market, and I am grateful for its existence and glad to witness the results generated by the digital market. I view digital platforms as a new channel to market our products to our target audience and the general public interested in starting a business.

Our POS system is as efficient as the advancements in the digital industry. For instance, posting our product on Facebook enables us to conduct quantitative analysis and establish a coherent strategy to increase engagement with our target audience. The brilliance of the digital landscape allows us to expand and contact new markets, which ultimately results in ticket sales or business inquiries.

As a leader, how do you sustain your company’s growth?

As a leader, I ensure that all employees deliver high-quality leadership, which aids in the development of a positive organizational culture. Next, our team’s top priority is ensuring effective communication and teamwork, resolving issues, and bringing us together. All of these tiny details contribute to the company’s success.

What are your plans for 2022, and will you be recruiting new talents?

Talents needed. We will be recruiting talents. If you believe your skills can make a difference at QubeApps, please apply today ( In addition, we are working on two new software products that will be announced soon, and Qube Apps Solutions is celebrating its tenth anniversary, so there will be an Anniversary celebration too.

To all my staff, Business partners, and clients, 10th anniversary

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of our clients, employees, business partners, sales specialists, and resellers for their unwavering support, and let’s work even harder in 2022. I hope that 2022 will help us raise the bar for the industry we all work in. I wish you all only the best ­­­­and nothing else for the New year 2022.

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