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Hugo Chai Chee Own

Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder

With 18 years of extensive software development experience in the retail management industry, Mr. Hugo Chai's unparalleled expertise forms the bedrock of our continuous innovation. Leading our exceptional research, product, and design teams, Mr. Hugo Chai's unwavering passion for exploring technology's boundless potential in the retail space fuels our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions consistently.

At the intersection of technology and retail, we craft cutting-edge solutions that inspire businesses to thrive at QubeApps.

Professional Skills

Fueling Research and Innovation

Enabling Seamless Product Development

Design Excellence

Guiding Software Development

Effective Project Management

  • Fueling Research and Innovation

Mr. Hugo Chai expertly leads the charge in researching new technologies and methodologies, driving the creation of groundbreaking and innovative retail solutions.

  • Enabling Seamless Product Development

Deeply understanding complex market demands and trends, Mr. Hugo Chai actively contributes to the strategic development of cutting-edge products tailored to our discerning clients’ specific needs.

  • Design Excellence

Mr. Hugo Chai meticulously ensures that our solutions are not only highly functional and visually appealing but also remarkably user-friendly and intuitive, enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Guiding Software Development

Leveraging his impressive 18 years of software development experience, Mr. Hugo Chai skillfully steers our technical teams towards delivering high-quality, robust solutions.

  • Effective Project Management

With his exceptional organizational skills, Mr. Hugo Chai ensures our projects are efficiently delivered on time, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations.

Personal Info

Beyond his role as a Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Hugo Chai's insatiable passion for exploring technology's transformative role in retail drives him forward. A perpetual learner and industry expert, he stays at the forefront of emerging trends, allowing him to offer ingenious solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible. As an approachable, empathetic, and collaborative leader, Mr. Hugo Chai fosters an environment where innovation thrives, inspiring and empowering our diverse teams to reach new heights.

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