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John Ng Swee Long

Chief Operation Officer / Co-founder

Mr. John Ng is an industry veteran with 26 years of retail management project implementation experience. His journey is marked by successful collaborations with esteemed brands like Casio (Japan) and Retailpro (US), where his expertise as a certified project implementor delivered remarkable results. Today, he leads our sales, customer experience, and technical teams, driving QubeApps towards new heights of success.

Customer satisfaction fuels our growth as we build strong bonds with clients, reshaping the retail landscape at QubeApps.

Professional Skills

Sales Leadership

Elevating Customer Experience

Technical Proficiency

Strategic Planning

Empowering Team Management

  • Sales Leadership

Mr. John Ng’s keen eye for lucrative opportunities and innate knack for building strong, lasting client relationships drive our sales team towards unprecedented growth.

  • Elevating Customer Experience

Mr. John Ng’s unwavering passion for exceptional customer satisfaction elevates our services, ensuring tailored, personalized solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.

  • Technical Proficiency

Drawing from his extensive certification as a proficient project implementor, Mr. John Ng brings deep technical knowledge and expertise, ensuring seamless integration of innovative retail solutions.

  • Strategic Planning

Mr. John Ng’s visionary and strategic approach to business development shapes our future direction, keeping us steps ahead of the fierce competition and poised for long-term success.

  • Empowering Team Management

As a dedicated director, Mr. John Ng fosters a collaborative, dynamic work environment, empowering, motivating, and enabling our teams to achieve greatness together.

Personal Info

Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. John Ng is known for his unwavering dedication to excellence. His love for retail innovation and staying ahead of industry trends fuels his ability to offer cutting-edge solutions. Recognized as an approachable leader, Mr. John Ng inspires creativity within our organization, fostering an environment where teams thrive.

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