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Alex Fong Tuck Heng

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder

With a relentless passion for innovation and a true entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Alex Fong fearlessly embarked on a transformative journey in 2013 to turn a simple yet revolutionary idea into a sophisticated global system used by businesses worldwide. As the heart and soul of QubeApps, he fearlessly leads us towards new horizons with his visionary strategic direction and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Passion and innovation drive our global journey at QubeApps, from a simple idea to a remarkable reality.

Professional Skills

Crafting Business Strategies

Fueling Innovation

Inspiring Leadership

Shaping Product Development

Navigating Market Trends

  • Crafting Business Strategies

Mr. Alex Fong possesses a remarkable talent for devising effective, forward-thinking strategies that keep QubeApps consistently ahead in the highly competitive ICT industry.

  • Fueling Innovation

As the driving force behind our company’s exponential growth, Mr. Alex Fong’s innovative ideas and creativity have been vital in creating groundbreaking, market-leading solutions.

  • Inspiring Leadership

Leading with unwavering passion and empathy, Mr. Alex Fong empowers our exceptionally talented teams, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work culture and achieving award-winning results.

  • Shaping Product Development

Mr. Alex Fong’s keen insights into product development and cutting-edge design have consistently led to user-friendly, intuitive, and industry-defining solutions for our clients.

  • Navigating Market Trends

With a profound understanding of ever-evolving market dynamics, Mr. Alex Fong makes well-informed decisions and strategic moves to keep QubeApps agile in the changing landscape.

Personal Info

Beyond his role as a trailblazing entrepreneur, Mr. Alex Fong's journey is defined by his relentless pursuit of positive impact and constant growth. His global perspective, embracing diversity, fuels his desire to make QubeApps a brand recognized widely. With a thirst for knowledge and a compassionate heart, he actively supports social initiatives and charitable causes, giving back to the community.

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