Right Power Powertank F1000E

The PowerTank F Series uses a line interactive topology UPS which comes with a simulated sinewave output and an LCD panel to display information such as input voltage, output voltage, battery capacity, load level, and UPS fault.

  • User Friendly LCD Display
  • Built-in AVR for Voltage Stabilization
  • High Quality SLA Maintenance Free Battery
  • Cold Start Function
  • Off-mode Charging
  • Built-in EMI/RFI Noise Filter
  • Lightning, Spike & Surge Protection
  • Modem/Fax/Network Line Protection (RJ11/RJ45)


This UPS comes with UPS power management software (Optional). It allows remote monitoring and management of one to multiple UPSs in a networked environment, either LAN or Internet, to prevent data loss from power outages and safely shutdown systems, but also stores programming data and scheduled shutdown UPSs. It comes with optional PowerMaster Cloud subscription-based software for UPS monitoring via cloud capability.

  • LCD display shows information such as input voltage, output voltage, battery capacity, load level and UPS status.
  • Comes with 3 or 4 x 13Amp British Output Socket c/w Safety Window.
  • Built-in AVR for voltage stabilization to provide clean and stable power to connected equipment.
  • The UPS can be turned on with battery alone without input connected to grid.
  • Data Line Protection (RJ11/RJ45)*Optional
    – The data line protection safeguards modem, fax or network line against surge or spike.
  • Power Management Software *Optional
    – Come with USB Port interfaces to support UPS Power Management Software.
  • PowerMaster Cloud Software *Optional
    – PowerMaster Cloud is a subscription-based software that adopts the client-server architecture, allowing users to remotely access the system through a web browser or APP on a smart phone.

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