QubeTMS – Transport Management System

  • Mileage tracking for delivery
  • Track number of items for delivery
  • Plan trips/change trucks/select attendant
  • Create delivery schedule for shipment of stock
  • Print consignment note and receipt after delivery
  • Schedule created based on location, driver, truck and date
  • Label scanning for packing, loading and delivery of stock

QubeTMS Transport Management System is a solution to perform planning, packing, and delivery of stock from warehouses to outlets. It is a complete package for stock delivery planning and tracking with its Planning Module to determine ahead of time what needs to be delivered based on delivery orders, Warehouse Management Module to manage deliveries from warehouses, the Truck Module to manage delivery trucks and truck details, Incentive Module to track and calculate incentive payment for drivers, and the Packing Module to generate labels to tag items for tracking during delivery.

  • Multiple trips can be planned at once
  • Multiple warehouse/location support
  • Manage trucks loading capacity
  • Tracking and calculation of driver incentive
  • Integration with Warehouse Management System
  • Barcode technology to control stock management
  • Planning system screen can be displayed at warehouse for reference by workers
  • Create labels for carton delivery based on delivery order linked in backend