QubePos KB-78 Programmable Keyboard

  • Key Number : 78keys
  • Style : Membrane & Mechanical Key
  • Magnetic Stripe : With / Without
  • Interface Type : USB

QP-KB78 Programmable POS keyboard with 3 tracks magnetic stripe card reading and 78 cherry keys.

  • The PS/2 is suitable for DOS, Win9X, Win Me, Win2000,Win XP, Win7-32bits
  • The USB is suitable for Windows, Android, Linux
  • Interface: PS/2 or USB
  • Connector: RJ-45
  • Single track, dual track or three track
  • No battery and don’t install any drivers when the interface is USB
  • Damaged keys can be easily replaced to save cost
  • The ESD protection from the metal plate is enhanced(With internal strong metal plate to enhance the protection against ESD is increased
  • Equipped with different standards keypad(1-fold, 1.25-fold, 2-fold)