QubeLive – Live Mobile Reporting System

  • Real-time sales performance
  • View report by Hour, SKU, Department and Sales
  • Centralized sales data
  • Track top customer
  • Track transaction
  • Check outlets performance
  • Clean and user friendly

QubeLive Mobile Reporting App helps you instantly analyse your store’s sales directly from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. Complementing the QubePos Retail Management, it puts important real-time information about your business at your fingertips, allowing you to make important decisions immediately. No matter if you’re on holiday, a business trip, or just need to visit a nearby supermarket for 10 minutes, you’ll have your real-time stocks and sales by your side at all times.

  • Analyse store growth as you view revenue, average sales, and profit.
  • Track sales growth compared with previous days, weeks, months or years to make critical decisions to enable a long lasting business legacy.
  • Determine which items are performing well, or are underperforming in order to increase customer satisfaction levels.
  • Easily connect to your POS system from your phone over wifi. 
  • Choose when to sync data as you please, whether it’s every 15 minutes or every hour.