QubeERP – Warehouse Management System


Qube Warehouse Management Solutions is a useful tool to increase efficiency between warehouse and sales locations. By having proper shelf or rack management, locating and product picking will be no hassle free. It will increase productivity when you have large storage area. Seamless integrations with QubePos RM and QubePos Apparel Inventory Module. It come with direct real time interface to mobile device and barcode printer.

  • SKU Master
  • Multiple WareHouse Inventory Control
  • Document Email Notifications With Attachment
  • SKU by Shelf , BIN and Bulk Locations
  • Picking List and Delivery Module
  • Instant Barcode Generations by Document
  • Carton Box Serial No. Tracking
  • In Transit Inventory Tracking
  • Non-Moving Stock Locations
  • Interface with Qube Back Office Inventory
  • Real time Mobile Terminal
  • Goods Collecting
  • Enquiry – Area , Shelf and Warehouse Balance Info
  • Delivery Order, Transfer Note Verifications
  • Picking List Fulfillments Rating
  • Carton Box Serial No. Recording