APEXA VFD Customer Display

This fully integrated Customer Display is designed to blend in cleanly with the back of the POSBANK APEXA all in one POS PC.

  • Embedded on POS Backside
  • 2 Lines x 20 Characters
  • Connected via an Internal COM Port
  • Suitable for APEXA Terminals


The POSBANK APEXA VFD Customer Display is an artistically designed peripheral device. It can be used with an ECR to display the purchased items, prices, amounts, and changes to customers. The POSBANK APEXA VFD is also capable of displaying advertising messages on the 2 lines by 20 character display controlled by the host computer. The VFD display is bright and easy to read. The POSBANK Customer Display mounts directly to the back of the APEXA all in one computer.

The POSBANK Rear Customer Display Includes:
• Customer display – 2 Lines with 20 Characters Each
• Mounting bracket and bolts
• Connecting cables

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