Neuropower XR-1K Backup Battery

XR represents ‘Xtended Runtime’ where it is best defined by its capability to function with different battery ratings to provide longer flexible backup runtime to critical applications. This was made possible with the XR’s specially designed battery charger where the charger offers a wide range of charging currents to ensure optimum battery charging for a prolonged battery lifecycle no matter what battery rating is used with the UPS.

  • Designed using digital microprocessors
  • Cold start and off charging mode
  • Comes with universal sockets for convenient plug-and-play regardless of 3 pins or 2 pins sockets


Amongst all the line interactive UPS, this is a feature exclusive to the XR series making it ideal for small critical applications where long backup time is essential on top of basic power protection which includes clean, consistent and reliable power connectivity.

  • UPS output is controlled and configured accurately to meet the desired reliability standards.
  • Turns on the UPS with battery power without using the input power supply and it can continue to charge the battery connected without turning the UPS on.
  • UPS is designed to achieve extended runtime with high capacity external batteries.
  • Easy connection between batteries and UPS via UPS battery terminal.
  • Built in buck and boost automatic voltage regulator for voltage stabilization.
  • Protected by resettable circuit breakers.

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