Neuropower 1500VA UPS (1K5T)

Build with features that make it highly reliable and manageable, this UPS helps to improve daily operations and functionality.

  • Designed using digital microprocessors
  • Touch screen LCD display
  • Audible alarm feature
  • 4 x Grounded British sockets with safety shutter


Designed with simple and accessible controls to improve functionality and daily operations, Neuropower’s Compact Touch Series is a family of highly reliable, efficient and manageable line interactive UPS.

The compact touch model consists of a capacity ranging from 1,000 VA to 2,000 VA. It comes with a coloured background touch screen LCD screen to ease onsite management, as well as power management software (Viewpower) via optional USB support. Viewpower monitors the UPS status and shutdown of IT loads connected to the device locally.

  • Cold start and off charging mode
    – Turns on the UPS with battery power without using the input power supply and it continues to charge the UPS without turning it on.
  • Built in automatic voltage regulator
    – (AVR) for voltage stabilization Reduce voltage fluctuations or instability and avoid equipment failure.
  • Auto restart function available
    – After full battery discharge from running in battery mode, UPS will auto restart from the low battery when the input AC power recovers.
  • Resettable circuit breaker protection
    – Experience a seamless user experience and maintain power continuity. (For 1KVA, 1.25KVA, 1.5KVA & 2KVA model)
  • Built in smart charger reduces UPS’s charging time of the by 50%
    – A quick charging feature that allows the UPS to perform its best without any interruption.

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