Keyence Handheld Computer BT-A500

The value of a Handheld Computer is determined by accuracy and reading speed. The BT-A500’s hybrid scan system takes these basic functions to a whole new level. Ensuring the highest reading efficiency means minimizing the workload on users.

  • Instant reading of near and far codes
  • Instant reading of codes under any conditions
  • Batch reading of multiple codes
  • Reading printed text, numbers and dates


The BT-A500 sets a new standard for Handheld Computers thanks to its hybrid scan system.

  • Reading with conventional devices that required operators to crouch or stand on their tiptoes can be performed naturally from a comfortable position. This significantly improves the efficiency of daily reading operations.
  • Instant reading even for codes with poor legibility due to dark conditions or plastic wrapping increases operational efficiency significantly.
  • Reading up to 1000 codes at once improves work efficiency drastically during receiving/shipping inspections or inventory management.
  • Easily manage items without codes using the ability to read various characters, regardless of font.
  • Optimizer design for fast operation with android OS
  • Excellent durability for tough conditions
  • Remote device management significantly reduces support work
  • Advanced support software

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