CINO A660 Handheld Scanner

An affordable barcode scanner for retail and commercial applications.

  • Reads most challenging and problematic barcodes
  • Reads electronic barcodes from smartphone screens
  • Superior first-time read
  • Omni-directional scanning
  • Clear audio and visual feedback
  • Optional vibrator for tactile confirmations
  • Withstands drops from 1.8m onto concrete


The A660 handheld scanner is built to deliver maximum value. Its versatility and affordable pricing make it a tool of choice for retail applications, as well as general use. Supported by Cino’s advanced imaging platform, it rapidly scans barcodes from product labels, membership cards, and electronic coupons, whether 1D or 2D. The A660 is a highly cost-effective option that will fit any budget!

  • Not only brings exceptional reading performance, but can also output data in numerous languages to cover a vast range of scanning requirements.
  • Supported by the latest imaging technology, this scanner captures a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • Support the output of multiple languages.
  • Remove your language barriers and expand your business horizons with multilingual output capabilities.
  • Allows for omni-directional reading.
  • Stylish, Ergonomic and Robust
  • Powerful Data Processing

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